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Honda Generators... Quiet, Efficient, Reliable

Honda Generators have unmatched reputation for being reliable and offer dependable starts and keep running year after year. Their fuel efficiency means longer run times. If that is not enough, all Honda Generators are backed with a three year warranty.

Honda Generators are also quiet, thanks to the use of inherently quiet four-stroke engines and superior technology. These generators boast incredibly low decibel levels while being made for true portability, from lightweight, easy-to-carry models to those with wheeled transport kits.

Honda developed technologies make it possible to offer consistent delivery of “clean power”, meaning more reliability and less interruptions. While it's inverter technology allows the most sensitive electronics such as computers and power-sensitive testing equipment, the generators shut down easily between the initial power loss and the kick-in to operate without interruptions from remote locations.

honda portable generators

Honda Portable Generators

Honda portable generators provide quiet power for camping, RV-ing, tailgating, races, parties, and more.

honda work generators

Honda Work Generators

Honda home generators offer convenient, reliable back up power for outages.

honda home generators

Honda Home Generators

Honda portable generators are the number one choice in the construction and rental industry.

Honda Generators Wherever you need them, have the power to keep you going.

For whatever reason you need extra power, Honda’s got the generator for you. Giving you the power you really need. The power of choice.