DeWalt DW7881, Scroll Saw Worklight

DeWalt DW7881, Scroll Saw Worklight

DeWalt DWE-575 7-1/4 inch Lightweight Circular Saw

DeWalt DWE-575 7-1/4 inch Lightweight Circular Saw

DeWalt DW872 Heavy-Duty 14 inch Multi-Cutter Saw with Blade

The DW872 14" Multi-Cutter Saw cuts a wide variety material at a constant depth throughout blade life and cuts four times faster than chop saws.

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DeWalt DW872 Heavy-Duty 14 inch Multi-Cutter Saw

  • Multi-Cutter offers versatility by cutting a wide variety of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Utilizing a carbide tipped blade, the depth of cut remains constant throughout blade life
  • Multi-Cutter cuts 4 times faster than chop saws and 8 times faster than portable band saws in 2 inch x 2 inch x 1/4 inch angle iron
  • 14 inch 70-tooth carbide tipped blade delivers a lower cost-per-cut compared to cutting with abrasive wheels
  • Specially designed carbide teeth deliver fast, precise, virtually burr-free cuts reducing the need for preparation grinding, and finished cuts that are cool to the touch
  • Largest capacity in its class with even more capacity than a deep-cut portable band saw (5-3/16" round & 4-1/2 inch x 6-1/2 inch rectangular) allowing user to cut a wider variety of different size materials for more applications
  • Ergonomically designed horizontal handle puts user's wrist in a more comfortable position to help reduce user fatigue and increase productivity
  • 15 Amp / 4.0 HP motor provides more overload capacity to increase performance and durability
  • Patented tool-free, 45 adjustable fence allows for fast and accurate angle cuts without using a wrench
  • Quick-lock vise allows for fast clamping on different size materials to increase productivity
  • Extra wide solid steel base provides increased stability when cutting longer material.
  • The four pre-drilled holes in the base allow easy bolt down to any work bench. The solid steel base also allows users to weld jigs or stops directly to the base
  • Durable metal top handle allows the saw to be carried easily
  • Heavy-duty lock down pin allows the head of the saw to be locked in the carrying position without the use of a chain
  • On-board wheel change wrench allows for convenient storage and greatly reduces the risk of lost wrenches
  • Spindle lock allows users to make wheel changes quickly and easily saving time and money
  • Adjustable chip deflector allows user to channel chips away from hazardous materials and co-workers
  • Easily accessible brushes allow for convenient servicing on the worksite to minimize downtime
  • Heavy-duty compression spring provides smooth movement and greater durability than torsion springs
  • Quick-retracting guard allows user to see the line of cut while protecting against chips
  • Vertical clamp provides the user with the most efficient clamping system in the industry
  • Included Saw Blade: Crafted with 12% titanium carbide, DEWALT Steel Cutting Metal Cutting™ Saw Blades tackle tough metal cutting applications with ease. Modified ATB tooth geometry provides clean, burr-free cuts, and expansion slots dissipate heat, extending blade life. A tri-foil braze boosts the strength of each tooth tip for extreme durability.

DeWalt DW872 Heavy-Duty 14 inch Multi-Cutter Saw Specifications:

  • Amps : 15 AC/DC
  • No Load Speed: 1,300 Rpm
  • Spindle Lock: Yes
  • Quick Lock Vise: Yes
  • Wheel Arbor: 1 inch
  • Wheel Diameter: 14 inch
  • Max Capacity: (Round) 5-3/16 inch
  • MAx Capacity: (Rectangular) 6-1/2 inch x 4-1/2 inch
  • Tool Lenght: 21 inch
  • Shipping Weight: 47 Lbs
  • Horsepower: 4.0 Hp

  • Included Blade
  • Size: 14-in.
  • Teeth: 66T

DeWalt DW872 Heavy-Duty 14 inch Multi-Cutter Saw Includes:

  • (1) Heavy-Dutry Multi-Cutter Saw
  • Dewalt 14 inch Carbide Tipped Blade (DWA7747 - EXCELLENT VALUE!)
  • Dewalt Wrench
  • Dewalt Vertical Clamp
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