Tajima GKB-G240 Contractor Saw Blades

Tajima GKB-G240 Contractor Saw Blade

Tajima GNB-265 Rapid Pull Blades GNB-265

Tajima GNB-265 Rapid Pull Replacement Blade 15 TPI (1-Blade)

Tajima GNB-250 Rapid Pull Replacement Blade 18 TPI (1-Blade)

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Tajima GNB-250, Fine-cut 18 TPI blade

  • Razor-sharp triple cutting-edge teeth, impulse hardened for durability
  • Premium-grade thin spring steel blade for fast cross-cuts, flexes for ultra-close flush-cuts
  • Safe and practical single-sided cutting blades
  • In 21 TPI, 18 TPI, 15 TPI, and 12 TPI blade configurations
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