Dynamite Tool stock and sells all major cordless tools brands. Whether you’re looking for a Milwaukee M18 Fuel Battery, a Makita LXT 18V Li-Ion Radio, or a DeWalt Cordless combo kits, Dynamite Tool always has the tools you need from brands you trust. If you do not see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us to have us place a special order for you.

Cordless Tools

  • Batteries and Chargers
    Batteries & Chargers | Dynamite Tool sells Cordless Tool batteries and chargers. Browse our batteries and cordless chargers category & place your order
  • Bare Tools
    Bare Tools | Dynamite Tool sells Bare Tools, Cordless Bare Tools, Li-ion Bare Tools, Lithium Ion Bare Tools, Bare Drivers, Bare Drills, Bare Saws
  • Cordless Blowers
    Cordless Blowers | Dynamite Tool Sells Cordless Blowers
  • Cordless Combo Kits
    Cordless Combo Kits | Dynamite Tool Sells Cordless Combo Kits, Lithium Ion Combo Kits, LXT Li-ion Combo Kits, 18 V Combo Kits, 14.4 V Combo its, 2 PC Combo Kits, 3 PC Combo Kits, 4 PC Combo Kits, 6 PC Combo Kits, 7 PC Combo Kits, 9 PC Combo Kits,
  • Cordless Drills & Drivers
    Cordless Drills & Drivers | Dynamite Tool sells Cordless Drills & Drivers. Browse our category & place your order online
  • Cordless Grease Guns
    Cordless Grease Guns | Dynamite Tool Sells Cordless Grease Guns, Cordless M12 Grease Guns, Cordless Lithium Ion Grease Guns, Cordless Li-ion Grease Guns
  • Cordless Grinders & Metalworking
    Cordless Grinders & Metalworking | Dynamite Tool sells cordless grinders & cordless shears. Browse our Cordless Grinders & Metalworking and place your order online
  • Cordless Impacts
    Cordless Impacts | Dynamite Tool sells Cordless Impacts, Cordless Impact Drills, Cordless Impact Drivers, Cordless Impact Wrenches
  • Cordless Instruments
    Cordless Instruments | Dynamite Tool sells Scanners, Inspection Cameras, Temp Guns. Browse our Cordless Instruments category & place your order online
  • Cordless Nailers
    Cordless Nailers | Dynamite Tool Sells Cordless Nailers, 18V Cordless 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer Kits, 18V Cordless 16 Gauge Straight Finish Nailer Kits
  • Cordless Oscillating Tools
    Cordless Oscillating Tools | Dynamite Tool Sells Cordless Oscillating Tools
  • Cordless Rotary Hammers
    Cordless Rotary Hammers | Dynamite Tool Sells Cordless Rotary Hammers
  • Cordless Rotary Tools
    Cordless Rotary Tools | Dynamite Tool Sells Cordless Rotary Tools
  • Cordless Screwdrivers
    Cordless Screwdrivers | Dynamite Tool Sells Cordless Screwdrivers
  • Cordless Radios
    Cordless Radios | Dynamite Tool sells Cordless Radios, 12 Volt Radios, 18 Volt Radios, Lithium Ion Radios
  • Cordless Saws
    Cordless Saws | Dynamite Tool sells Cordless Saws