Dynamite Tool stocks an extensive selection of hand tools to suit all your home improvement and construction needs. Our vast categories includes hammers, measuring and layout tools, levels, siding tools, and many other categories ranging through a wide array of brands such as Channellock, Estwing, Klein, Malco, Marshaltown, Johnson, Stabila, and new comers to the hand tools category; Milwaukee, Dewalt, etc... Browse our hand tool categories and place your order online. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find what you are looking for.

Hand Tools

  • Axes
    Axes | Dynamite Tool Sells Axes, Camper's axes, Sportsman's axes, Framing Axes, Rigger's framing axes, Fireside axes, Fiberglass Single Bit axes
  • Awls
    Awls | Dynamite Tool sells awls, Scratch Awls, Wood Handle Scratch Awls, Rosewood Handle Awls, Large Grip Awls, Awl All-Steel Scratch Awls, Pocket Awls
  • Bevels
    Bevels | Dynamite Tool sells Bevels, T-Bevels, Solid Hardwood T-bevels
  • Caulking Guns
    Caulking Guns | Dynamite Tool sells Caulking Guns, Caulk Guns, Cordless Caulk Gun, Cordless Caulking Guns
  • Chisels
    Chisels | Dynamite Tool Sells Chisels, Short Blade Chisels, Turning Chisels, Wood Chisels, Carving Chisels, Corner Chisels, Chisel Blades, Edge Chisels, Butt Chisels, Chisel Sets
  • Clamps
    Clamps, Bessey Clamps, Irwin Clamps, Kreg Clamps @ Discounted Prices |DynamiteToolCo.com
  • Drywall Tools
    Drywall Tools Selection at discounted prices. |dynamitetoolco.com
  • Fencing Tools
    Fencing Tools
  • Fiberglass Duct Tools
    Fiberglass Duct Tools Selection at discounted prices.
  • Gutter & Downspout Tools
    Gutter & Downspout Tools Selection at discounted prices.
  • Hammers & Mallets
    Hammers & Mallets | Dynamite Too Sells Hammers and Mallets. Please browse our Hammers, Mallets category and place your order online
  • Hand Saws
    Hand Saws | Dynamite Tool Sells Hand Saws, High Tension Hacksaws, Drywall Hand Saws, Coping Saws, Dovetail Hand Saws, Coarse Cut Hand Saws, Fine Cut Hand Saws,
  • Hex Keys & Hex Key Sets
    Hex Keys & Hex Key Sets | Dynamite Tool Sells Hex Keys, Hex Key Sets, Folding Metric Hex-Key Sets, Folding Hex-Key Sets, L-Style Ball-End Hex Keys, Long-Arm Metric Hex Key Sets,
  • Hole Punches
    Hole Punches
  • Knives
    Knives | Dynamite Tool sells Knives, Retractable Utility Knives, Pocket Knives, Serrated Blade Knives, Cable-Splicer's Knives, Dial Lock knives, Quick Change Retractable Knives,
  • Measuring & Layout Tools
    Measuring Tools | Dynamite Tool sells Measuring Tools, Calculators, Calipers, Chalk Lines, Distance Estimators, Levels, Moisture Meters, Plumb Bobs, Protractors, Rotary Lasers, Rulers, Squares, Stud Finders, Scanners, Tape Measures, Tape Reels
  • Metal Duct Tools
    Metal Duct Tools @ Discounted Prices |DynamiteToolCo.com
  • Nail Pullers
    Nail Pullers @ Discounted Prices |DynamiteToolCo.com
  • Hand Planes
    Hand Planes | Dynamite Tool sells Planes, Hand Planes, Small Trimming Planes, Surform Pocket Planes, Block Planes, Bench Planes, Low Angle Jack Planes
  • Pliers
    Pliers | Dynamite Tool Sells Pliers, Tongue & Groove Pliers, Cutting Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, Long Reach Pliers, Slip Joint Pliers, Code Blue Pliers, Little Champ Pliers, Special Purpose Pliers
  • Riveters
    Riveters @ Discounted Prices.
  • Screwdrivers
  • Seamers
    Seamers | Dynamite Tool sells Seamers, Hand Seamers with Die-cast Zinc Jaws, Offset Hand Seamers with Forged Steel Jaws, Straight Seamers, Sheet Metal Seamers
  • Shears
    Shears and Shear Accessories, Cutters and Cutter Accessories @ Discount Prices | Dynamite Tool
  • Siding Tools
    Siding Tools, Malco Siding Tools, Vinyl Siding Tools, Cement Siding Tools @ Discount Prices |DynamiteToolCo.com
  • Snips
    Snips | Dynamite Tool sells Snips, Aviation Snips, Andy Snips, Pattern Snips, Straight Cut Snips, and Other Snips
  • Sockets & Socket Sets
    Sockets & Socket Sets | Dynamite Tool Sells Sockets & Socket Sets, Metric Spline Socket Sets, Spline Socket Sets, Hex Bit Socket Sets, Magnetic Socket Holders, Axle Nut Sockets, Filter Socket Sets
  • Staplers & Tackers
    Staplers & Tackers | Dynamite Tool Sells Staplers, Tackers
  • Strippers & Crimpers
    Strippers, Crimpers, Cutters | Dynamite Tool sells Strippers, Cable Strippers, Wire Strippers, Crimpers, Cutters, PVC Cutters, Bolt Cutters, Steel Cutters
  • Taps & Dies
    Taps & Dies
  • Tool Sets
    Tool Sets
  • Tubing Tools
    Tubing Tools
  • Wrenches
    Wrenches, Adjustable Wrenches @ Discounted Prices |DynamiteToolCo.com