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Amana Tool 51432 Solid Carbide InVectra Aluminum Laminate Trim 1/2 D x 5/8 CH x 1/2 SHK x 3-1/4 Inch Long Router Bit


With Invectraニ_ニ_ router bits, kitchen fabricators, remodelers and construction workers can perform any kind of cut and trim job in aluminum laminates. Designed and tested for trimming all decorative aluminum laminates manufactured by Formicaニ_ (except Formicaニ_ #2178), Advanced Technology Inc. (ATIニ_ニ_), DecoMetalニ_ and many others.

Engineered from an Amana Toolニ_ exclusive carbide grade designed specifically for cutting both aluminum laminates and wood-based substrate materials. Each bit is fitted with a steel bearing guide that enables users to trim laminate materials flush to the substrate, allowing you to perform any metal trim job to perfection!

Not for use on stainless steel.

Maximum RPM: 14,000.

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