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Amana Tool 51605 Solid Carbide Spiral CNC Variable Helix for Stainless Steel, Steel, Titanium, Cast Iron, and Cermet with AlTiN Coating 4-Flute x 1/4 Dia x 5/8 Cut Height x 1/4 Shank x 2-1/2 Inches Long Up-Cut CNC Corner Radius Bottom End Mill


Amana Tool's variable helix tools are the superstars of carbide end mills for professionals and hobbyists alike. The variable helix eliminates harmonic chatter, so critical when surface finishes part dimension tolerances and tool life are of the utmost importance. Premium Aluminum Titanium Nitride (AlTiN) coating provides quantum increases in productivity either in terms of speed or longevity with or without coolant.

They are outstanding tools for peripheral milling and can take aggressive cuts along the full length of the overall flute length with no issues. They last much longer than general purpose end mills partly because they are coated partly because they dampen vibration which tends to break a sharp cutting edge down very quickly. For use with manual and automatic milling machines, as well as the most sophisticated CNC machines.

4 Flute unique variable design for faster speeds and feeds.
Quiet operation & better finishes.
Excellent for cutting:
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Cast Iron
  • Steel
  • Cermet*
  • Metal Composite Material (MCM)

*Cermets are composites in which ceramic materials and metals join together.

AlTiN coating has many benefits:
  • Extra wear resistance
  • Allows for faster feed and speed rates
  • Cutting edge protected from wear
  • Better chip evacuation
  • Less heat build up
  • Superior cutting quality and extended tool life
WARNING: Inspect cut quality and adjust feed and speed accordingly. Care should be taken to observe proper feeds and speeds according to the workpiece material to avoid damage.
Note: For optimal results and extended tool life use mist lubricant system or air cooling.
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