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Amana Tool 586401 Carbide Tipped Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metals 8 Inch D x 64T TCG, -6 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Circular Saw Blade


Thanks to its special carbide formulation and blade geometry, this is the ideal blade for cutting relatively thin-walled aluminum and non-ferrous extrusions and frames. The negative hook angle (-6ニ_), triple-chip grind and thick plate combine to produce a superior finish. The blade can also be used to cut other "difficult" materials such as plastic, PVC tubing, fiberglass and ACM (Aluminum Composite Material).

Warning: Never attempt to cut ferrous metals with these blades.

Clamp down the workpiece.

For optimal results and extended saw blade sharpness use blade wax, mist lubricant system or air cooling.

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