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Amana Tool has produced it's router bits in 1972, becoming the worldwide leader in router bit design and manufacturing. Amana Tool uses only the highest quality materials, and its router bits are produced using in house technologies by the company's engineers. For example, Amana Tool uses carbon alloy steel for its router bits that contains vanadium particles. This improves the structural integrity of the steel and prevents corrosion and defects in the internal structure of the material that can lead to cracks and breaks.



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Dynamite Tool & Amana: A Special Relationship.

Dynamite Tool CO takes pride in the special and unique relationship it has fostered throughout the years with Amana Tool. We have been selling Amana Router Bits and Saw Blades since 1977. We also pride ourselves on being one of Amana Tool's first customers, and product promoters.

Throughout the years, we have maintained a close relationship with Amana Tool because we trust the quality and value of their products. Also our companies are both centrally located here on Long Island, and as neighbors we share the interest of enhancing the Long Island economy.

The carbide used by Amana Router Bits, supplied by CERATIZIT the leading carbide producers in Europe, comprise of sub-microscopic grain particles creating a finer edge for long-lasting performance, measured at twice that of most standard carbide tools in the market. The carbide tips are then brazed onto the Amana router bits using a fifty percent silver weld by machines also built especially for Amana Tool.

Amana Router Bits are then laser etched with essential information for the tool's use, such as RPM range and clamping depth. Laser etching ensures that this information cannot be erased through normal tool use. Each Amana Router Bit is created strictly with the International Organization of Standardization's (ISO's) 9000 quality management standard, making Amana router bits one of the world's best Router bits.