Channellock Tools

About Channellock Tools

A blacksmith from Evansburg, PA named George B. DeArment created the Champion Bolt & Clipper Company in 1886 after successfully hand-forging farrier’s tools and selling them from a wagon as he traveled from one town to the next. DeArment believed in the importance of good management, that people are the most valuable business assets and that success is found through dedication to excellence. These principles have guided the Channellock Tools through its existence and are part of its core values to this day.


Channellock Tools Features

In 1904 the company moved to Meadville, PA. New tools including open-end wrenches, nippers and pinchers were added to the company’s product line. Seven years later, George DeArment retired leaving the company to his two sons, Almon and J. Howard DeArment. Once again, the product line expanded with the addition of hammers. In 1923 the company moved to it’s current location on South Main St. in Meadville. 1933 proved to be a year to remember as Chief Engineer Howard Manning created the tongue and groove, slip-joint pliers. They were named “Channellock,” and two years later were protected under patent and trademark law. Over the years there was a monumental surge in the popularity of this new product and the word Channellock Tools started to become synonymous with the product itself. This inspired the DeArments to change the company name to the one you know today: Channellock. In the years following, Channellock focused heavily on improvements to their pliers, obtaining several new patents. New tools were added to the product line through the 1980’s including the 369CRFT, Locknut plier 960, Air break tool 444 and the 88 and 89 Rescue Tools. They are now well known for other tools such as their cutting pliers, long nose pliers, screwdrivers and adjustable wrenches. As of 2017, Channellock Tools remains “in the family” and is operated by the fifth generation of the DeArments.

On the production line.

Channellock Tools are all made from square cross sections of North American steel. During every step in the production line a steel craftsman inspects each individual component to ensure strict adherence to quality and strength standards. Channellock employs a special heat treating process for the steel that produces superior strength to withstand great force but also retain a degree of flexibility to prevent breakage. An exclusive laser hardening technique allows the teeth and jaws of pliers to be extremely durable. Tongue and groove and slip joint pliers are produced with a special PermaLock fastener. This fastener will not fail like ordinary nut and bolt fasteners. All Channellock tools are covered with an electronic coating that prevents rust to ensure long lasting quality no matter the environmental elements faced. Lastly, most Channellock tools are given their blue PVC handles ensuring easy identification in a packed tool bag and for a greater level of comfort.


Tongue and Groove Pliers were invented by Channellock and have been the bestsellers for over 75 years. The tongue and groove allows each pliers to have and adjustable jaw size. It all started with the original Channellock 410 Nutbuster. The 410 features a parrot nose and angled upper jaw that provides a tighter grip and grabs even tighter as more force is applied.

The 420 tongue and groove pliers feature undercut channels which interlock and won’t slip. Laser hardened teeth are set at a 90 degree angle so that they will grip any material in both directions; clockwise and counter-clockwise.

The 422 V-Jaw pliers have an angled, v-shaped jaw which creates more points of contact when using on round stock providing a better grip than traditional pliers.

Cutting pliers use a high leverage design for an easier cut. Moving the pivot point closer to the cutting edges results in a cut up to 30% easier based on independent testing of the Channellock 369. Laser heat treated cutting edges last longer. Channellock uses a knife and anvil style cutting edge opposed to competitor’s double sharp cutters design, to ensure perfect mating and longer lasting edge life.

Other innovations specific to linemen pliers include a unique jaw profile which guides fish tape without kinking, binding or bending. It strips, crimps and loops wire as well. The 350s adds a dog leg handle for better leverage when twisting wire, making your job easier. The Channellock 349 has a fully boxed joint and is called the “granddaddy” of linemen pliers because of its unmatched strength.

Long nose pliers feature cross-hatched jaws to grip in either direction. Most traditional long nose pliers use a notched scoring on the jaws and are only good for one-way use. Channellock created a narrower profile on the long nose pliers which allows for increased precision, especially in tight spaces. A knife and anvil cutting edge creates superior cuts.

Channellock adjustable wrenches provide more grip in less space by producing a slimmer, less bulky jaw profile. 4-thread knurl used on Channellock adjustable wrenches is up to 30% stronger than wrenches with only 3-threads. This allows the user to apply 30% more force to the job. This design also allows the wrench to open wider which means you can tackle nuts that would usually require a much larger wrench to handle. Tired of your wrench slipping and stripping nuts? Channellock’s perfectly parallel jaws prevent slippage saving you time and frustration.


The Channellock XLT series redesigned the rivet location, positioning it closer to the cutting edge. The result? Notably less force is required to make your cut compared to other high leverage designs.

Channellock’s Code Blue tools now provide an even better grip. The red and blue grips are molded to fit your hand perfectly, and a special coating provides a softer feel. Tools produced with the Code Blue grips include pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers and some tool sets.

Channellock E-Series are made for applications that require greater precision and where space limitations would pose an issue for any other tool. Tools in this series include combination pliers, long nose pliers and diagonal cutting pliers. The E-Series design is sleeker and lighter for better maneuverability.

Why Tradesmen Love Channellock Tools?

Absolutely awesome tools. All made in USA and priced right. I have almost all my tools from Channellock. Dykes linesman needle nose. They are good quality at good prices.

They’re awesome. Channellock has really good customer service. I have some very old hand-me-downs that are built like tanks. They still work as good as they did when they were fresh out of the package.

They are built to last. You will loose them before you break them. If there is a manufacturer defect they will honor their product warranty. They are the best.

Having many sets over the years, I can say that these tools last for decades. The quality is still there after all these years.