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About Rolair Systems

Rolair’s mission has remained unchanged since its conception in 1959: Produce the finest compressors known to mankind. From headquarters in Hustisford, Wisconsin, Rolair has progressed to become known among professional contractors for producing compressors of the absolute highest quality. By focusing solely on compressors, Rolair is able to utilize decades of experience to ensure durability and a product lineup that provides the best compressor for a variety of applications. As we say everyday, “Yeah, we’ve got one for that.”



Keeping up with the Modern Contractor.

The latest and best features can be found on Rolair compressors as they work to exceed the air requirements of modern contractors. One example of innovation is the roll cage, hot dog tank. Pancake compressors are usually laid flat. Dennis Schmidt who handles operations at the Rolair factory came up with the idea to turn the pancake vertical. After redesigning the tank shape into a hotdog tank, he created a roll cage design so you can roll the compressor all the way through the job site without worrying about hitting the pump or the motor. With the roll cage, lumber or other building materials can fall on the unit and it won’t hit the compressor switch or pump. This is just one of the many innovations brought to you by Rolair.

Tips for Choosing an Air Compressor.

First, consider CFM of the compressor as well as the tool’s requirements. Look at your tools and see how much air they need to run. Always look at CFM delivered rather than CFM displaced. CFM delivered is the actual airflow amount at a specific pressure, while CFM displaced is simply a number used for marketing purposes.

The next step is to figure out what size tank you need. Consider how your tools operate. Smaller tanks may be suitable for tools such as a trim nailer that operates in small, quick bursts, but a grinder or paint sprayers that operates for longer periods of time would require a larger tank.

Single stage versus two stage pumps - know the difference. Single stage pumps have a single piston that forces air into the tank while two stage pumps have two pistons and compress the air twice. Single stage pumps are generally smaller and better suited if you are looking for a portable compressor. Two stage pumps produce greater CFM and are more efficient for high demand tasks.

Consider what type of power is available at your job site. Single phase power is most prevalent in homes and small businesses. Three phase power is more common to industrial and manufacturing environments. If working indoors with limited ventilation, you may choose to use an electric compressor. For jobs with limited outlets or with high output requirements, gas is probably your best bet.

Rolair Reviews from the Pro’s

My Rolair compressor is definitely one of the best investments I have made when it comes to my tools. Having a gas compressor saves me time as I no longer need to worry about sourcing electric as I frequently work new construction jobs. It always fires right up, even if I haven’t used it in a long time. I’ve ran as much as four roofing nailers at the same time and this compressor handled it no sweat!

Great quality, very solid machine. Doing light carpentry, this is the perfect choice for me. Recovers fast and is well worth a few extra dollars compared to the Makita model, as the 100% duty cycle means more working and less waiting.

Wow, talk about long life! I use my compressor all day everyday, we’re talking at least eight hours a day, five days a week. I have about 6,500 hours on it so far and it’s still running smooth. Nothing but the standard maintenance, and regular oil changes as recommended. I’ve gone through many compressors in my time, but from this point I’m sticking with Rolair.