Spectra HV302G-2 Green Beam Horizontal Vertical Exterior Laser


The automatic self-leveling Spectra Precision HV302G Horizontal/Vertical Laser offers exceptional versatility and superior green beam visibility for increased productivity at a great value. The HL760U receiver is unique as it will work with any green, infra-red or red beam laser.

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Spectra HV302G-2 Green Beam Exterior laser features:

  • Automatic horizontal and vertical self-leveling
  • Accuracy 1/16-inch @ 100 feet (1.5mm @ 30 m)
  • Working visible range of 250 feet (75 m) radius
  • High-visibility beam easily visible even in brightly lit conditions
  • Split beam enables plumb point transfer and 90-degree layout
  • Height of Instrument Alert - unit stops rotating when jarred to avoid erroneous readings
  • Long range RC402N Radio remote control
  • HR150U - Interior Receiver with highly visible LEDs and built-in Magnetic Mount
  • Radio communication between the HL760U DRO receiver and the laser provides automatic Grade Matching and PlaneLok
  • Extremely durable and portable
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Applications:
  • Interior, light to medium commercial and residential construction
  • Squaring/layout
  • Leveling and aligning of interior walls
  • Installation of ceilings and raised floors
  • Interior finishing work
  • Vertical alignment
  • Plumb

Spectra HV302G-2 Green Beam Exterior laser includes:

  • Green Beam Exterior laser
  • Horizontal -Vertical Laser
  • Spectra RC402N Remote Control
  • Spectra HR150U Laser Receiver
  • Spectra M302 Wall Mount
  • Spectra Q104124 Magentic Green Target Plate
  • 10 Ah NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Small Laser Carrying Case

Green Beam Exterior laser specifications:

Model No.:
Spectra Lasers
Leveling accuracy1,3:
± 1.5 mm/30 m, 1/16-inch @ 100 ft, 10 arc seconds
Operating visible radius1,2:
250 feet (75 m)
0, 10, 80, 200, 600 rpm
Pre-selected scan sizes in degrees:
5, 15, 45, 90, 180 and 0
Laser type:
green diode laser 520 nm
Laser class :
Class 3A/3R, max. 5 mW
Self-leveling range:
5 (9%)
Leveling indicators:
LED flashes
Radio range (HL760U):
up to 100 m (330 ft)
Power source:
10.000 mAh NiMH battery pack
Battery life1:
30 hours NiMH; 45 hours alkaline
Operating temp.:
0°C to 40°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Storage temp.:
-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Tripod attachments:
Spectra Lasers
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