Trend U*M/CFT01 Flat Lying Trammel Set


Trend U*M/CFT01 Flat Lying Trammel Set features:

  • Trend has launched a new flat trammel set, which allows the marking or cutting of arcs and circles.
  • Hyper fine disposable blades ensure perfect results every time.
  • This new trammel set solves the problem found with traditional compasses and trammels, which have a high centre of gravity, so they are unstable and entirely dependent on the operator for their position.
  • The Trend Trammel Set (M/CFT01) has two flat lying heads, which are simply attached to a steel or aluminium rule (minimum of 150mm by 50mm wide) to allow the marking of arcs or circles. It can also be attached to a square with a blade to allow the marking of parallel lines.
  • Fits any steel or aluminum rule from 6-inches upwards with blade width laess than 1-31/32 Inches
  • The Trend Trammel Set is quick and accurate to use and comprises of two flat lying trammel heads, one carbon steel point, one blade post, a blade, a pencil and hex key
In The Box

Trend U*M/CFT01 Flat Lying Trammel Set includes:

  • (1)Trammel head & pinch bolts
  • (1) Blade post
  • (1) Scribe/pivot point post
  • (1) Hyper fine blade
  • (1) Pencil
  • (1) Hex key 1.5mm A/F
BrandTrend Tools
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