Trend U-VJS-TG-JIG VJS Tenon and Grooving Jig


Trend U-VJS-TG-JIG VJS Tenon and Grooving Jig features:

  • Can be used to crosscut boards with a router or circular saw.
  • Frame is adjustable to allow narrower or wider grooves to be routed.
  • The max. adjustment is 2 3/4 inch depending on the diameter of the router base.
  • The edge of the frame can be used as a guide to trim a panel square using a router.
  • Two sliding stops to set groove length.
  • Squaring butt has the facility to accept a spelch block to allow a full-length groove.
  • Fixing screws are included for this purpose. Working length is 15 3/4 inch.
  • Use with a router with a guide bush with a minimum 5/16 inch projection fitted.
  • Router not included.
Tech SpecsWorking length based on 30 mm guide bush and 12 mm diameter cutter being used:-

Max. without end stops used:412 mm
Max. with one end stop used:397 mm
Max. with two end stops used:382 mm
Max. working width using end stops* (12mm dia. cutter): 18 mm
Max. width adjustment depending on router base diameter:70 mm
*Due to end stop length
In The Box

Trend U-VJS-TG-JIG VJS Tenon and Grooving Jig includes:

  • (4) Alloy Extrusions
  • (4) Corner Brackets
  • (3) Scales
  • (1) Squaring Butt
  • (2) Length Stops
  • (1) Hex Key
BrandTrend Tools
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